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We asked ChatGPT

The conversation at HIMMS 2023 was dominated by Generative AI, so we asked ChatGPT to compare human scribes with AI scribes. Here's what it said : //

There are several reasons why you might find human scribes superior to AI alternatives, especially in the context of healthcare:

  1. Contextual understanding: Human scribes can better understand the context and nuances of a healthcare setting, which allows them to capture accurate and relevant information in patient notes. AI systems, on the other hand, might struggle with interpreting complex situations or non-verbal cues.

  2. Adaptability: Human scribes can adapt to the specific preferences and styles of different healthcare providers, tailoring their documentation accordingly. AI systems may not have the same level of adaptability or personalisation.

  3. Empathy and emotional intelligence: Human scribes bring empathy and emotional intelligence to their interactions, which can be valuable in understanding the patient-provider relationship and capturing more insightful patient notes. AI systems lack these human qualities.

  4. Complex medical terminology: Human scribes can quickly learn and accurately use complex medical terminology, while AI systems might occasionally make mistakes or misunderstand specific terms.

  5. Quality control: Human scribes can more easily recognise when they've made a mistake or need clarification, allowing them to create more accurate notes in real-time. AI systems may not have the same level of self-awareness or ability to correct errors on the fly.

  6. Trust and familiarity: Many healthcare providers are more familiar and comfortable working with human scribes, which can lead to a preference for human over AI alternatives.

It's essential to remember that AI systems are continuously evolving, and their capabilities will improve over time. However, AI should be considered a supportive tool rather than a replacement for human expertise in healthcare settings. A hybrid approach, combining the strengths of human scribes and AI systems, may offer the best balance of efficiency, accuracy, and personal touch.


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