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Path to 1000

As CEO of OG Healthcare, I am excited to share our company's strategy and objective to have at least 1,000 medical scribes deployed with our clients by the end of 2026. Currently, we have 250 working scribes, thus a fourfold increase in our scribing workforce within three years is a challenge that we are determined to execute.

To achieve this objective, we recognize the need to build the support infrastructure that can sustain this growth. This includes investing in office facilities, technical and management infrastructure. Our focus on recruiting, training, and deploying scribes with clients is an integral part of our strategy, but building a solid foundation to support our growth is just as crucial.

We have made considerable progress in the last few years, and we have already recruited over 100 trainee medical scribes in the first quarter of 2023. With this momentum, we are confident that we can recruit at least 300 medical scribes by the end of this year, putting us well on track to achieve our 2026 target. We are also proud of our low attrition levels of around 12%, which bodes well for our long-term success.

Our top priority in achieving our objective is to maintain a steady flow of qualified and motivated recruits. To this end, we have established long-term relationships with educational institutions in southern India that have consistently supplied us with recruits for a number of years. We expect these relationships to continue and will work closely with these institutions to refine the curriculum and ensure their trainers can deliver trainees of the right qualities.

Our plan is to have around 150 trainees within the system at any one time, which will allow us to increase our medical scribe workforce by approximately 30 per month. We recognize that to make recruitment and training as effective as possible, we need to deploy significant automation capabilities. Therefore, we are investing in technologies that will streamline our recruitment and training process and allow us to manage these critical areas with high-quality data and a level of automation not seen in the industry so far.

At OG Healthcare, we recognize that technological investment has become increasingly important in today's business landscape. From cybersecurity to automation of work processes and data analysis, companies that embrace new technologies are better positioned to stay competitive and achieve long-term success. This is why automation of work processes is another key area of investment for us. By investing in automation, we can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and ultimately save money.

Nowadays cyber security and compliance must be an item high on senior management agenda. We will continue to improve our cybersecurity posture using both training of our staff and technology as key tools in that endeavor.

To ensure we maintain our low level of attrition we need to consistently engage without employees, offer career opportunities and ensure our management have the skills, experience, and abilities to manage the workforce appropriately so that everyone has the opportunity to progress and to fulfill their career aspirations. To support our operational management and the whole workforce we will be encouraging everyone to upskill, and we'll provide tailored training to ensure we have a consistent supply of high-quality managers. Workforce engagement is a key element to ensure a happy workforce, which is a key objective for our strategy.

We need all managers to be highly competent at managing their team and detail this skill with a process and data driven approach to decision making and managing the company.

Clearly, we have to expand our office infrastructure to accommodate the expanded workforce. We have only recently acquired a second building which we will be fitting out to meet our needs in the next two months. This is just the first step of our plan to have secure modern facilities for our workforce.

It is imperative that I highlight the crucial role played by our suppliers in facilitating our growth. Over the years, we have established a reliable network of suppliers who have consistently supported us, and we remain committed to working closely with them. By doing so, we aim to enable their active participation in our continued expansion while leveraging their expertise to fuel our progress.

In conclusion, our objective of having at least 1,000 medical scribes by the end of 2026 is an ambitious but achievable goal. By investing in our infrastructure, maintaining strong partnerships, developing and upskilling our employees , and deploying cutting-edge technologies, we are confident that we can execute our strategy and deliver on our promise to our clients.

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