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Employee Upskilling at OG Healthcare

OG Healthcare has embarked on significant project to upskill a key group of its employees, those who want to make a career with the company and aspire to become managers and leaders of the future.

The initial phase involves around 70 employees attending a series of online courses over the next 15 months. The courses cover a wide range of topics from "creating trust" , process improvement, client communications, data analysis and how to automate manual processes by using a "no code/low code" programing tool, artificial intelligence and much more. There are more than 20 course modules curated and delivered by the senior management team. These courses are tailored to help the employee meet their everyday challenges with both knowledge and confidence and ensure they are ready for the future

There are so many benefits to investing in our employees, both for the individual and the company.

  • Improves employee retention.

  • Improved skills allow the employee to be more productive, which will eventually lead to salary improvements.

  • If the employee automates and ends drudgery e.g. data entry, they can apply their minds to more fulling and rewarding tasks.

  • Increases the possibility of promotion and recognition.

  • Increases the number of diverse opportunities available to the employee.

  • Allows the company to offer higher value-added services.

  • Future proofs the employee against technical obsolescence.

  • Allows the company to differentiate its' services from the competition.

  • Important ingredient to developing a career.

  • Great recruitment tool to attract new talent.

  • Boosts employee morale

  • Creates a culture of learning.

  • Allows employees to explore different career alternatives.

  • Allows the company to exploit digitization opportunities.

  • In short, while there are few downsides (maybe lots of hard work !) , upskilling is one of those activities where everyone wins - client , employee, and company.

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