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Automation at OG Healthcare

Over the last few years, OG Healthcare has evolved into a well-oiled organization that uses the Business Process Management discipline as its management philosophy. This repertoire is supported by a combination of methods, techniques, process modelling, process design, optimization, and automation of business processes, ably led by the Process Excellence (PE) team. This is aligned to data governance, master data management, and data quality, managed by Business Intelligence (BI) developers, that have converged into one solution leading to the development of interactive Power BI dashboards, and allowing our managers to visualize trends and occurrences for making effective business decisions. Both transparent and traceable, and intertwined with our data, our processes span across different departments, business units, clients, and management levels, while enforcing organizational policies and rules. We firmly believe that only integrated and coordinated business processes can guarantee compliance and services, in accordance with the needs of our clients.

So, how is this concept being put to work at OG Healthcare?

While BI initiatives are led by subject matter experts from the Analytics team, our Citizen Development initiative encourages our middle managers with little or no coding experience, to build simple applications using a low-code IT-approved technology like Remote Power Automate, to improve their day-to-day productivity. This business model has helped the Process Excellence team meet the growing need for workflows and overcome the challenge of a never-ending backlog of new solution requests with their limited resources. Citizen developers (managers) building their own apps have promoted collaboration between department managers and professional developers, broken down silos, boosted business productivity, increased operational efficiency, and most importantly, fostered skill development and empowerment of a non-technical but a highly motivated middle management.

With enough bandwidth, PE is focusing more on technically complex projects, core system extensions, and enterprise-wide applications. We are currently working on creating simple ML web apps using Natural Language Processing that can make some of our business functions smarter. This learning and experience will help us understand and leverage the drivers of transformation to build a digital business strategy in future.

In a nutshell, Process Excellence, Business Intelligence, and Data Science will be the most potent protagonists in OG Healthcare’s digital transformation story.

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