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Empowering US Physicians

Physicians are trained to take care of patients, not do clerical work.

Documenting patient interactions is a waste of a physician's precious time. Our highly trained medical scribes chart your patient visits in real-time directly into your EHR so you can focus on what's most important.




The additional revenue from seeing just one extra patient in a day pays for your OG scribe.

78 minutes

... lost per day using EHR
(Healthcare IT News)

50 percent

... increase in physician satisfaction

42 percent

... of physicians say they are burned out

OG scribes make for happier physicians and better healthcare.

Other Services

OG scribes are incredibly versatile, capable of much more than charting.


Physician summary before consultation


Directly into EHR during consultation


Patient summary after consultation


Any remote healthcare service requiring healthcare knowledge and experience
SINCE 2001

About OG Healthcare

Based out of Bangalore, OG Healthcare specialises in outsourced healthcare services assisting physicians with clinical documentation and patient engagement allowing them to focus on what really matters, their patients. From humble beginnings in medical transcription and coding, today OG Healthcare is the world’s most reputed provider of remote medical scribes trained to document and code patient interactions directly into hospital EHR - in real-time!

At 12% our attrition rates are a third of the industry average, affirming the integrity of our corporate culture and the love we have for our employees.

About Medical Scribing

On-boarding takes just a couple of days to complete compliance paperwork and to understand physician preferences. We carefully match each physician to their scribe taking into consideration these preferences, physician’s schedules and which of the 32 specialties and 27 EHR we cover are required. Within a day or two your scribe is up and independently running.

Investing in people as much as technology offers scribes long-term future-proof career opportunities beyond scribing resulting in attrition levels one third of others in the industry and ensuring a great customer experience.

Available 24/7 365 days a year, our highly-trained scribes will have your documentation finished by the time you end your consultation. Just click to connect, as easy as usingMS Teams or your preferred streaming solution, consult your patient using absolutely natural dialogue while your scribe documents the encounter directly into the EHR. No hidden steps. At the end of the consultation, simply review and approve the note.


32 Specialties
27 EHR
24/7 365


HIPAA compliant
SOC 2 Type II


24/7 Cover & Support
Quick on-boarding
Flexible contract

OG Healthcare is committed to compliance, privacy and excellent customer service - just ask any of our clients.

Other Services

Beyond real-time clinical documentation, our scribes navigate EHR to prepare charts saving doctors 5 minutes per patient prior to encounters, place orders for labs and make prescriptions. 


Compliance Matters

Healthcare compliance

Leveraging people, processes, and technology to provide the best clinical documentation services, we are the physician's first choice for professional real-time healthcare services. Our processes deliver innovation, performance and excellence.

SOC2 Type II
Microsoft Secure Score
Intruder Rating
CIS Benchmark
CIS Windows Level 2
Bajaj Alllianz
CIS Benchmark Win 10_11 Level 1
CIS Benchmark

Clear ROI

The calculations above are based on current provider data and are subject to individual provider usage which could increase or decrease the net benefit to a provider.



5 star rating

The team at OG is awesome! Very professional and led by a fearless leader in Tony. It has been a pleasure to work with OG Healthcare! Thanks guys!

OG superpower : PEOPLE     OG is... : AWESOME!


Frequently Asked

  • What is Medical Scribing?
    Medical scribing is a healthcare process where a trained medical scribe assists healthcare providers by documenting patient encounters and assisting with a few other administrative tasks. This can include documenting patient’s medical histories, examinations, managing electronic health records (EHRs), organizing medical data, and facilitating communication for the doctors such as pending orders or adding sending referrals. Medical scribing aims to improve documentation accuracy, reduce administrative burden on healthcare providers thereby enhancing patient care.
  • What's the difference between Transcription and Medical Scribing?
    Medical Transcription involves converting voice-recorded medical reports into written documents, typically working independently and remotely. Medical Scribing involves real-time documentation of patient encounters and assisting healthcare providers with various tasks in clinical settings, working closely with providers and patients.
  • How many offices do you have?
    We have 2 offices in Bangalore, both located in North Bangalore, new Hebbal.
  • How does medical scribing help the doctors or hospitals?
    Medical scribing helps doctors and hospitals by providing real-time documentation and administrative support during patient encounters. Scribes assist healthcare providers by recording patient information, managing electronic health records (EHR), documenting orders and prescriptions, scheduling appointments, and performing other tasks as needed. This allows providers to focus on patient care, improve workflow efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance overall patient experience. Scribing can also help improve accuracy and completeness of medical documentation, which is crucial for billing, coding, and legal purposes.
  • Is medical scribing a rapidly growing industry?
    Yes, medical scribing is considered a rapidly growing industry within the healthcare sector. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for medical scribes due to their potential to improve efficiency in healthcare settings, enhance patient care, and alleviate administrative burdens on healthcare providers. The use of medical scribes has gained popularity in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and outpatient facilities, as a way to streamline documentation, enhance provider productivity, and improve patient satisfaction. Moreover, with the growing adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and the need for accurate and timely documentation for billing and coding purposes, medical scribing has emerged as a valuable solution. As healthcare providers seek ways to optimize their workflow and improve patient care, medical scribing has gained traction as a cost-effective and efficient option. As a result, the medical scribing industry is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, with increasing demand for trained and qualified medical scribes.
  • What are the key advantages of using a medical scribe?
    Medical scribes can lead to improved provider productivity, enhanced patient care, accurate documentation, reduced administrative burden, and cost-effective solutions, making them valuable assets in healthcare setting.
  • What other RCM processes does OG undertake?
    OG Healthcare main focus is real time ambient medical scribing. However our scribes are trained to undertake other activities when supporting the physician, these include medical coding of the encounter (ICD-10, & E& M codes), pre-charting, supporting a physician with regard to medical issues such as contraindications and ensuring the correct drug quantities are prescribed. We have considerable experience with medical coding and medical analysis work; however, we do not currently undertake any billing activities.
  • Will AI replace humans for medical scribing?
    It's possible that AI could eventually replace medical scribes, but it's unlikely to happen in the near future. While AI has made significant strides in recent years in natural language processing and other areas related to medical transcription, there are still challenges to overcome in accurately capturing and interpreting medical information. Additionally, medical scribes provide valuable human interaction and can assist with tasks beyond transcription, such as helping physicians with patient care. Ultimately, AI is likely to augment the role of medical scribes rather than replace them entirely.
  • What is the company’s policy with regards to gender diversity?
    The company recognizes the importance of gender diversity and strives to create a balanced workforce. We believe that diversity leads to better decision-making and fosters a more inclusive and innovative culture. To achieve this goal, we are actively seeking out diverse candidates during the recruitment process and providing equal opportunities for career advancement. We also prioritize regular training and development opportunities for all our employees, focusing on skills and experience only, thus promoting gender equality and combatting unconscious biases. For instance, in our management training program we have a gender split of 62% female. As a result of these efforts, we are proud to have achieved a gender split for the whole workforce of 48% female and 52% male, with a majority of employees expected to be female by the end of 2023. We will continue to work towards creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and supported.
  • What services does OG provide?
    While OG Healthcare has expertise in multiple RCM processes, our core focus is Medical Scribing to help doctors get relieved from the administrative burden of documentation.
  • How much do you charge for medical scribing?
    We have a fixed monthly rate per scribe regardless of speciality, EHR or shift required. Email for details.
  • Isn't an AI solution better than a human scribe?
    As of today, artificial intelligence is best suited for doctors who dictate their visit (i.e., a monologue). However, with ambient doctor-patient conversations, a medical scribe not only listens to the conversations but also interprets the report and assists the doctors by not only documenting the note but also reminding the doctors about chronic conditions, missing exam findings or review of systems or sometimes even correcting any dosages or labs that might have been erroneously entered on the electronic health record.
  • Will I have a dedicated scribe to work with me regularly?
    Yes, you will have a dedicated scribe to work with. He will be your primary scribe. However, to ensure you have enough coverage in cases of emergencies or your primary scribe being on leave, we also train a secondary scribe who can seamlessly help you with your documentation needs.
  • How long does it take for a scribe to understand the doctors' workflow and preferences?
    Once the onboarding process is started, it generally takes up to a week to understand workflow and preferences. However, this timeline can be shorter or longer depending on the amount of information the doctors are willing to give during onboarding process.
  • How much time does a medical scribe save for the doctor?
    Depending on the patient volume and the documentation requirements, the time savings can vary for different doctors. However, please visit our website and enter some details about your workflow and requirements and you will see some approximate numbers answering your question.
  • Can OG medical scribes do patient engagement as a value-add service?
    As of now, OG’s key focus is medical scribing in order to help the providers with their documentation requirements. However, with the advancement in technology and the overall experience in healthcare, OG would be more than willing to help any institutions with patient engagement as and when there is a need.
  • How many specialties does OG cover?
    OG Healthcare has its expertise over 30+ specialties! Our doctor onboarding specialist scribes are experienced in at least 4-5 specialties and are mapped to the providers as per the requirement.
  • Do you provide scribing services for nurse practitioners?
    Yes, OG Healthcare understands the documentation requirements for nurse practitioners and provides scribing and other value-add services such as chart prep including notes and diagnostic/laboratory values, ICD-10 and procedural coding, etc.
  • Does OG use AI / ML in its operations?
    Yes, OG uses AI where appropriate throughout all of its operations. AI has been extensively employed within finance, networking, and training departments to automatically process information, extract data, and create content. We are also beginning to apply AI functions to HR processes and other areas of our operations. It has definitely improved the organization's efficiency and eliminated significant amounts of data entry and rekeying work. Interestingly, our employees have welcomed the deployment of this technology, as it has eliminated many tedious and boring processes from their job roles and allowed them to focus on higher-value tasks. Most of the AI developments have been made by non-technical support staff who are seeking to improve their own workflows. We will continue to use this technology where we believe it will improve efficiency, cyber security, and employee well-being.
  • What steps does OG take to protect against phishing attacks?
    Cybersecurity is of utmost importance to us. In order to specifically protect against phishing attacks, we have installed ransomware protection software on all workstations. This software automatically identifies potential phishing attacks and protects the machine. Additionally, we carry out monthly simulation attacks to educate our entire workforce. When we started this process, it became clear that we needed to educate our workforce on how to identify phishing emails. After carrying out these monthly simulation attacks for the last six months, we have seen a significant improvement in the understanding of how to identify phishing emails. The response rate for people who have correctly identified these simulation attacks and reported them to the cybersecurity team has increased tenfold. While we can never let our guard down, we continually strive to improve our security posture.
  • How does OG test its cybersecurity defences?
    Unfortunately, we occasionally encounter bad actors attempting to gain unauthorized access to our network. Earlier this year, our cyber-security team monitored an automated attack that lasted over eight hours in an attempt to breach our network. We are pleased to report that the attackers were unable to penetrate any aspect of our multi-layered cyber defenses. Our operations remained unaffected by the attack.
  • How does OG benchmark its cyber security defences against industry best practices?
    We benchmark ourselves against industry standards using third-party and independent software to accurately calibrate our defenses against industry norms. Currently, our Microsoft Secure Score is at 95%, which is significantly higher than the average of comparable companies, which is just 42%. We also benchmark ourselves against the CIS workstation security standard, where both our Windows and Chrome scores exceed 90%.
  • What is the approach to managing Compliance processes at OG?
    We have created a steering committee for implementing and monitoring the compliance controls within our company. The committee meets at least once a month to discuss various topics and review the compliance posture of the whole company.
  • What type of background checks do you perform on new workforce members?
    Currently, background checks are performed during the hiring process. All access privileges are contingent upon clear results of a thorough background check. Potential employees are not boarded if these checks fail. Access to enterprise and client applications and tools are granted, post completion and review of background checks. We undertake the following checks ? Identity and Address Check Criminal Court Records Check Previous Employment Check Medical Fraud Check- SAM’s (System for Award Management) OIG (Office of Inspector General)
  • Is compliance training provided when hiring new workforce members?
    Compliance training is administered to all new employees during the onboarding process. Post this training all new recruits undertake an exam to ensure understanding. Anyone who fails the exam is then retrained and asked to take a subsequent exam. No recruits are allowed to work with any clients until that have successfully passed the compliance examination. All employees are systematically retrained every 6 months on various aspects of HIPAA and related compliance issues. Anyone who fails is retrained and re-examined.
  • How frequently are systems updated to remain current with Operating System and application patches?
    All windows operating systems updates are deployed as soon as their reliability and stability have been verified. This verification process normally takes about two weeks. To minimize any system issues or downtime because of a new patch released by Microsoft, Windows updates are first pushed to approximately 10% of workstations, including those used in Training and Production. These workstations are then observed for a period of two weeks, for system functionality. If there are no reported system issues, including blue screen errors, BIOS errors, application errors etc., the updates are then pushed to all workstations.
  • Are transfers to USB and other portable storage devices blocked?
    All local workstations consist of 1 SSD Hard Disk (120 GB), that is BitLocker Drive encryption enabled. USB transfers and other portable storage devices are blocked through the Sophos Peripheral Control policy, which allows us to control access to peripherals and removable media.
  • Are systems prevented from connecting to insecure wireless networks?
    Yes, production workstations do not have wireless connectivity.
  • Are OG medical scribes allowed to use their personal computers to provide services to the providers?
    Absolutely not. All activities related to any of our clients are allowed to be performed using company owned and provided computers only.
  • How do I apply?
    You can write to, share your CV, fill in the form on our website by clicking on Apply Here, or simply call on 080-4282-8800. You'll also find us on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Is medical scribing a career or back-office job?
    Great question! It really depends on who you work for. At OG Healthcare we focus on up-skilling human resources to stay ahead of technology like AI. We therefore offer long-term careers working directly with US doctors and potential for both personal and professional development. Many companies confuse applicants and clients with their own definition of medical scribing. At OG Healthcare we are crystal clear - our clients do not dictate but speak naturally with their patients; our scribes use the audio/video of both doctor and patient to create medical notes directly into EHR in real-time (synchronous). No partial notes. No 24 hour return time. No uploads.
  • Do you provide training?
    Yes, OG provides stipend-paid, premium medical scribe training for fresher graduates.
  • Why do you call medical scribing at OG a career?
    At OG Healthcare, we not only believe in training our employees to be excellent medical scribes but also provide them with tools, knowledge and all the support required to upskill in order to be “future ready.” Our management training program OnTrack has beginner, intermediate and advanced categories to help our employees at every stage in their career.
  • Is work from home an option for medical scribing?
    Work-from-home was only implemented at OG due to COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage all our employees to work from office to avail the benefits of multiple upskilling, engagement activities and much more!
  • How can I build my career in OG as a medical scribe?
    We strongly believe that career building is a process of upskilling and preparing for the future by gaining continuous knowledge, management training and industry experience. At OG Healthcare, we always try our best to provide all the guidance and support for our scribes avail these career building tools so that every scribe at OG Healthcare experiences seamless growth based on multiple parameters with the core focus being excellence in customer service.
  • Do you provide facilities such as food and transport?
    We provide complimentary dinner for all the employees and free transport for women employees working in the night shift
  • Do I need to be from science background if I have to apply for medical scribing?
    No, you need not be a science background graduate to apply for medical scribing. If you are a graduate with excellent verbal and written English skills, you can apply.
  • Do you provide stipend during training?
    Yes, we do provide stipend during the training phase. Please feel free to contact our recruitment team for more details.
  • What is the future of medical scribing in India?
    The demand for medical scribes is expected to continue growing in the healthcare industry. Factors such as the need for improved clinical documentation, increased focus on electronic health records (EHRs), and the growing complexity of healthcare regulations and requirements are driving the demand for medical scribes. Also, given the use of technology in healthcare, including electronic health records (EHRs), telehealth, and other health information technologies, is expected to continue to grow, the demand for medical scribes who can assist healthcare providers in navigating and documenting in these technology-driven environments. Overall, the future of medical scribing jobs in India will depend on various factors including technological advancements, changes in the healthcare industry, regulatory environment, and evolving job requirements. It is important to keep track of industry trends, prepare for the future technology and adapt to changing dynamics to stay relevant in the field of medical scribing.
  • Is medical scribing a day shift job?
    We service US providers in real-time so medical scribing at OG Healthcare is certainly and always a night shift job.
  • Does OG Healthcare have a management training program?
    Indeed, OG Healthcare has a comprehensive management training program that employees are eligible to apply for once they have completed one year with us. The program covers a wide range of topics, including technology, people management, and processes that we consider essential for managers within the company. The training methodology includes various processes, such as presentations, workshops, case studies, and visits to other companies, all designed with a specific training outcome in mind. The program lasts for about two years and involves four to five hours of activity every month. It is curated by the senior management team, who have vast experience in healthcare and international operations. The program has yielded positive results, preparing potential managers to take on management roles with greater confidence.
  • Does OG recruit software engineers?
    Yes, we look for engineers who have experience with Angular, SQL, Python and DB Design
  • What advantages does a human medical scribe have in medical documentation compared to AI?
    Human medical scribes bring a number of important skills to creating medical documentation that an AI-driven solution may not be able to replicate, at least not yet. Some of these skills include: Clinical Knowledge: Medical scribes typically have extensive clinical knowledge, gained through education and/or work experience. This allows them to accurately interpret and document medical information, including symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment plans. Communication Skills: Medical scribes are often required to communicate with physicians. They must be able to understand and convey complex medical information in a clear and concise manner to the physician. Adaptability: Medical scribes work in a fast-paced environment, and must be able to adapt to changing circumstances, including changes in patient conditions, treatment plans, even changing settings and locations. Attention to Detail: Medical documentation is critically important, as it is used by healthcare professionals to make decisions about patient care. Medical scribes must be meticulous in their documentation, ensuring that all relevant information is accurately recorded. Critical Thinking: Medical scribes must be able to evaluate and interpret medical information and make decisions about how best to document it. They must also be able to identify and address any inconsistencies or inaccuracies in medical records.
  • After graduating from university, what is the minimum time required to become a manager?
    The time required to become a manager after graduating from university varies depending on a number of factors, and therefore, it is difficult to give a definitive timescale. However, managerial positions require a specific set of skills, such as leadership, communication, decision-making, and problem-solving, technological competence etc. Developing these skills through education, training, and work experience can increase your chances of becoming a manager. Generally, it may take several years of gaining experience, acquiring relevant skills, and demonstrating leadership abilities to advance to a managerial position. OG Healthcare has seen some exceptional employees progress into a entry level management position in as little as 3 years, however, usually it may take at least 5 years to gain the skills and experience to be a candidate for a management position.
  • I'd like to supply my goods/services to OG. Who should I contact?
    Please call 080-4282 8800 and you will be connected to respective department.
  • How do get to your offices?
    We can be found directly on Google Maps or use the map below for directions.
  • Does OG Healthcare provide internships for graduates?
    Yes, OG Healthcare does provide opportunities for graduates to complete their internship. College/University authorities will be involved in decision making process. For more details, write to or simply call on 080-4282-8800.
  • We would like to have OG Healthcare conduct a campus drive in our college. Who should I contact?
    You can write to or simply call on 080-4282-8800.

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